Anti-Virus Protection

Software to detect, prevent, and remove malware and other threats to your data and services.

What is Anti-Virus Protection?

With so many internet-connected devices in today’s homes, technology has made daily life more convenient—but also riskier. Antivirus software is a kind of software specifically designed to protect, scan, identify, and eliminate viruses from a computer system. Antivirus protection software programs evaluate data, including websites, files, and apps, to help detect and remove malware as rapidly as possible.

How Does Anti Virus Work Against Malware and Other Threats?

When antivirus software first activates, it compares each of your files and applications to a library of known malicious software. Since hackers are continually making and spreading new viruses, they will also check the system for any undiscovered forms of malware.

Files that are infected with viruses or even zero-day digital threats (those that have never been seen before) are usually quarantined and/or marked for destruction by anti-virus software. This makes them inaccessible and removes the risk they pose to your device, keeping you safe online.

A Virus-Free System Guaranteed

Our top-rated comprehensive antivirus protection secures you 24/7 against threats such as ransomware, malware, hackers, and others. It protects your computer invisibly in the background and can be used with minimal effort.


Advanced anti-malware tools can wipe out spyware, adware, keyloggers, cross-site scripting assaults, and fileless trojans.


A network attack blocker and anti-ransomware software protect your home network from hackers breaking in and intercepting your data.


Real-time antivirus protects you not only from worms and phishing, but also from threats like botnets, rootkits, and rogues.

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